To the many residents of St. Albert, a heartfelt thank you for your support during this campaign.  I am not only very humbled by your endorsement, I am very honoured to serve you as well.

You have my word that I will listen to understand perspectives, work tirelessly and continue to learn about the issues important to you.  My vision remains:  To safeguard the quality of life we enjoy in St. Albert today and into the future.  I will lead collaboratively with a vision for the long term while managing for the needs of citizens today.

Special thanks to my campaign team, my website designer 🙂 my mentors, old friends and new.  You can’t imagine how much your support has meant to me.  FInally, thank you to my husband Dean, my children Mitchell, Ted, Chloe and Jack (and their significant others), for going to bat for me, listneing to me go on and on and providing me with words of encouragement and hugs.

Thank you to all the candidates that ran a great campaign.  It was a very exciting campaign to be a part of and was lovely to get to know you.

Council received a strong mandate from residents, the work must now begin on serving our city.

“Coming togther is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success” – H. Ford




“Jacquie has the wisdom and experience to be an exceptional member of St. Albert City Council.  She understands the importance of balancing community development with prudent fiscal stewardship.  She is a leader and a collaborator; our city will be better served with Jacquie on Council.”

-Dean Kurpjuweit, Social Justice Advocate & former St. Albert Minister

“St Albert Friends. Please consider voting for Jacquie Hansen in you municipal election. She is a hard working and dedicated lady. She puts her whole heart into whatever she does. She is community minded and tenacious. You would be so fortunate to have her as your representative on City Council”

– Colette Gacson-Zahar