Jacquie’s Vision for St. Albert

Election 0940 (1)
My vision is to safeguard the exceptional quality of life we enjoy in St. Albert today and into the future. I will listen, analyze and act on behalf of all the citizens of St. Albert.

In 2013 St. Albert was named the best small cities in Canada to live by Money Sense Magazine. Today it remains the best place to live in Alberta. That’s pretty impressive! This most esteemed status did not happen by accident. Anyone that lives here knows why we have been beholden to this awesome ranking. The beautiful scenery, the plethora of festivals, the incredible programs for all ages, the education system, our safety record, the sports, the arts, the library, the unique neighbourhoods, I could go on. At the heart of it – I know it sounds cliché – are the people. It takes people of good will, generous people and people who care, all working together – people are what gives St. Albert our great name. The strong spirit and quality of life is centred on our reputation.

All that said, St. Albert is not perfect. As St. Albert grows, challenges do as well and over the next four years those challenges will not ease. Along with our neighbouring municipalities, growth will need to be managed and relations fostered to build a community that remains unique, autonomous and current. We have an opportunity with a new city council to focus on these challenges and move forward in a thoughtful and measured way.

For me the focus areas are:

      • Quality leadership
      • Promote business and innovation to remain global
      • Boost the 20-30 year old demographic
      • Build housing that meets people at all stages of their life
      • Support green initiatives
      • Support the unique needs of our ageing population
      • Continue the implementation of the Social Master Plan
      • Value and support those with mental health needs
      • Advocate for completion of Park and Ride/Twinning of Ray Gibbon Drive
      • Support volunteers who build community sports, arts, literacy, and cultural diversity.
      • Be open to business models that alleviate home owner tax burden

    St. Albert will need strong leadership in its city council, a council that can disagree, debate and at the end of the day – work together. A council that listens to all community perspective and honours their role of “due care” as governers. The number one job of any council for its city is to be future focused, protect its reputation, and remain strong and autonomous.

    Henry Ford said it well: Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.